Most of you know I gallivanted into the Dead Sea w/ my camera, and that Rachel (aka "Tiger" let me use hers from that point on. We loaded the pics onto Mara's laptop, deleted the originals off the memory card, and went our separate ways. Seemed like a solution....until Mara's computer died. Almost 2 months later, they were recovered, and here they are. I selected some of the best, but they can all be seen here. ::jb::

Jerusalem Ramparts Jerusalem Ramparts 2 Jewlings more Jewlings Remnants of 2nd Temple Jerusalem Alley Jerusalem Alley 2 Dome of the Rock Arab Village Masada Masada 2 Girls at Dead Sea Bedouin Camels Chillin Camel Walk Ein Avdat Road Ein Avdat Road 2 Ein Avdat Cave Canyon Reflection Canyon Reflection 2 Oasis Grove Canyon Wall Indiana Sherry Raver Gabe Tzfat Storekeeper Tzfat Tzfat Store Boy Hiding Synagogue Tzfat Alley Tzfat 2 Window Half Holly Puppets Bar Mitzvah Boy Rust ScooteReflection Future Policeman Sherry Hard Israelis....sigh Glasses Eldad Jammin JB Holly Kfar Giladi Holy Rock Pink Ppinker Mirrorback Kfar Giladi Bunker Memorial at Kfar Giladi 3 Memorial at Kfar Giladi Memorial at Kfar Giladi 2 Etan Emerging Bullets Orange JB Rachel JB Danielle Jammin Hot. put it here big boy JB Rachael Avi Guevara Golan Bunker Thistle Rock Thistle 2 Purple Banyas Waterfalls Danielle Syria Danielle & Rachel Syria from Mt Bental Golan Bunker 2 SculptureThing Arab House Comb Inside House in Miseer Arab Girl Red Palestinian Boys Self Defense Soldiers Yad Vashem The Girls Sherry Gabe Rachael JB Sherry Gabe Mt. Herzl Mt. Herzl Grave Yitzhak and Leah Rabin Gabe Mara Aim... PinkWhiteYellow OrangeRedPink PinkGreen Dierdre Rachel Mara Coco Adi Holly Skateboarders and Hasidim JB Julia The..Game...Of...Death... SHOOT Uhhh Sherry riding Gabe Rabin Memorial Tel Aviv Alley Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Street Nachalat Binyamin Geezers Alef Independence Hall Tel Aviv_1 Tel Aviv Beach Pyramid in Israel da Bus Jaffa Boyz will be Boyz Tel Aviv from Jaffa Rooftops Tower Doc Shakshukas Shakshuka Shoestore Docs